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Carl Truong
Denver, Colorado, USA
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I love to wear multiple hats. I have a diverse range of skills and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Full Stack Developer

Ever since college, I acquired a deep love for web application development. My skills include Ruby on Rails, SQLite, PostgreSQL, API integration, Web application architecture, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, and AngularJS.


My passion is working with startups. Whether its creating a startup, raising money, consulting early stage, working in a startup incubator, or simply connecting with the vibrant Denver entrepreneurial scene, I've been there and done it!


Right out of school, I was a financial underwriter with Cigna corporation. My rookie year, I won 'Best Underwriter of the Year' within my financial division. I specialize in risk analysis including macro and micro variable research.

Project Management

The most satisfying part of any project is appreciating all it took before reaching the finish line. I've done project, management for web application development, wireframing, UX design, operations, marketing, and real estate development.


When it comes to creating phenomenal marketing strategies, I first ensure a solid understanding of the customer with market research, followed up with identifying the best channels and benchmarking ROIs with key performance indicators.

Real Estate Development

Having helped Chiplotle Corporate build out new stores in Northeast America & Canada, and having helped Custom Caves LLC streamline their home remodeling process, I have experience in both residential and commerical real estate development.


Check out the various web applications I've built!

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A simple social media site where users can comment and post.

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A simple API used to track metrics and activity on your website.

Blocitoff 6dab4e51b5a5831fc1e3a4367f353b2c13f0ee87fc7229696d2a40da92486432


A self destructing to-do list, preventing your list from piling up.

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Music Player

A custom, intuitive, and light weight music player.

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Chat Room

An intuitive chat application where users send messages in real time.

Pomodoro 7f8c58ac107a7f9658797704e3d9df47a6c5df770a5b11f80b6fd9d81b0d1287

Pomodoro Technique

An intelligent time management tool used to maximize efficiency.


I'm a firm believer that you can have your cake and eat it too. But it takes tenancity, drive, ambition, and risk.

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    Carl Truong

    A Little About Me

    I've lived in Denver pretty much all my life and I absolutely love it here! My parents deserve the credit for teaching me how to be tenacious, ambitious, and really work hard for something. I believe in keeping an open mind and remembering to enjoy life.

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    Forever Buffs

    I have a BS degree with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business. On the technical side, I went through an intensive coding bootcamp program with to become a full stack developer.

  • Rocky mountains a79a1aef3a7c187c5a87e84a99ae263521e4eec34e006942f30123e4208201a5

    My Hobbies

    Beware: He Who Has No Hobbies

    Taking advantage of the Rocky Mountains, I love snowboarding and hiking. During the summer, I enjoy playing a some sloshball. That wraps up just in time for an intense fantasy football season in the fall. You're looking at the 2014 fantasy champion!

  • Shiba 43c49594416bd2032dee6f5d3abcf13566adaddf6a7b11a3f0e1c063db3d3897

    What's Next

    Perhaps a Shiba Inu...

    I love dogs with a passion and I'm thinking about getting a Shiba Inu. Other than that, just focusing on making sure we appreciate the people we have in our lives and practicing my coding skills!

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Don't just take my word for it... see what others are saying about me!

Joel d07708126b76c3eb574b4218803da61d3a1cfac12a96d44a37b4d880501be561

Joel Bond

Custom Caves | CEO

"Hiring Carl to build my website, technical infrastructure, and manage my SEO was a no brainer. He configured everything, including hooking up my email service to the website, creating a vetting process for inquiries online, and presenting my projects. Leads originating from my website skyrocketed!"

Jamal accd58b25b4bc2ded0aac25f838ed01fc5a100772afd0b39172b8b60249feea8

Jamal Ross

Men's Vitality Center | COO

"When we decided to franchise Men's Vitality Center, Carl helped us put together the entire business model including legal, operating systems, technical systems, and even connected us to the best service providers in the industry. We still keep in touch today for other projects that surface!"

Tom 58d18df6ce047bc7427ebff4303e6abc5bc14becdd20e2302703d898e3b3d090

Tom Christy

Innovation Pavilion | Sr. Advisor

"Carl combines a strong knowledge of software and technical applications with a solid understanding of business needs, which in my experience is a rare combination. His ability to process the needs of a project and create or modify complex technical systems to meet those requirements has been a huge asset."

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